A complex subject Exploring Autism with your students can be challenging. Leading professionals are still trying to answer many common questions about Autism. However, we do know enough about Autism to empower students with the basics. 


Our workshops facilitate an ethos of collaborative responsibility. We believe that everyone should work towards creating an environment that acknowledges and values difference 


An ‘outstanding’ school will have a ‘thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ – Ofsted, 2015

Positive outcomes for everyone Feeling accepted by others is important. Being accepting of others is just as important. We equip students with digestible information and provide a positive framework for students to acknowledge and respect difference.


We have found that students are curious. Given the opportunity they ask important questions that merit further discussion. With the right support, students can become more aware, accepting and considerate of their autistic peers. 


Achieving With Autism is an independent organisation based in London. We provide Autism awareness workshops for mainstream primary school students



70%  of students with Autism are educated in mainstream schools and over 40%  of students with Autism are bullied at school. We believe there is a link between students’ lack of awareness and the way they respond to their autistic peers.



“Schools are social communities that offer a model for living and working together. It is here that pupils learn and experiment with the challenges and opportunities of belonging to a larger group” – Ofsted, 2004



Is it fair to expect a student to respond appropriately to an autistic peer if they don’t know that Autism exists? Even the most comprehensive anti-bullying policies can become ineffective if students cannot access the information they need to make informed decisions about their behaviour towards others





Our interactive and creative workshops facilitate a learning experience incorporating key values and objectives of effective PSHE & Citizenship education and SMSC development.

We aim to:


Educate students about Autism


Empower students to give feedback and challenge information they are offered


Engage students creatively to support learning consolidation and self-expression


Encourage an ethos of anti-bullying, self-awareness and respect


Ensure students feel valued and supported


Enrich academic environments by facilitating collaborative approaches


Enable students to acknowledge and respect each other’s individuality


Enhance students’ confidence and self esteem

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